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Lavender Town by toby4ever Lavender Town :icontoby4ever:toby4ever 3 0 Circus Monster(Flute PDF) by toby4ever Circus Monster(Flute PDF) :icontoby4ever:toby4ever 1 0 My Weekend Plans by toby4ever My Weekend Plans :icontoby4ever:toby4ever 3 1
Castle Of Glass~Linkin Park
It talks about the spiritual desperation and determination to seek inner peace in the modern society where evilness permeates into every aspect of our lives. By the time we realise it, it will be too late because evilness has already gained a strong footing.
(Take me down to the river bend
Take me down to the fighting end
Wash the poison from off my skin
Show me how to be whole again)
This verse simply talks about how the individual wanted to wash away the ideas or materials that have poisoned his life by the use of imagery lyrics of going down to the river bend to wash away the poison (aka sins) that he has committed, almost as if he were to become baptised. Note how he says that he washes the poison off his skin…he knows that he is good natured within but the dirt has covered it.
(Fly me up on a silver wing
Past the black, where the sirens sing
Warm me up in the nova’s glow
and drop me down to the dream below)
This verse is actually tragic in the sense that the individua
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 0 0
There's nothing left to be done
I know how this story ends
Foreshadowing from the start
My departure
My role is fading away
An un-noticed character
Assume life of insanity
Hello, Nice to meet you
Have we met before?
You seem familiar
Goodbye, my dear
Nice to see you
Haven't talked in quite a while
Feels like you're walking on air
Live your life without a care
Can't break loose from the illusion
There's no where you can run
Feels like you're walking on air
Live your life without a care
Can't break loose from the illusion
Can't stop the corruption
Looks like my time's almost up
I'll be erased soon enough
The lines that outline me are fading away
There is no light in the day
Darkness is all I can see
Assume life of insanity
Hello, Nice to meet you
Have we met before?
You seem familiar
Goodbye, my dear
Nice to see you
Haven't talked in quite a while
Feels like you're walking on air
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 0 25
Shimeji :D by toby4ever Shimeji :D :icontoby4ever:toby4ever 1 0 Pig Rabbit by toby4ever Pig Rabbit :icontoby4ever:toby4ever 21 37 How to be a Panda by toby4ever How to be a Panda :icontoby4ever:toby4ever 6 13
SATBK-Fight the Knight
Will to fight
In a world that's time is right and I'm alive!
On my own
From a world that seems alone and I'm alive!
Will to survive!
Face the knight in a world of evil light and I'll survive!
On my own,overthrown, yet not alone and I'm alive!
Will to survive
Will to try, I will meet you eye to eye and I'll survive!
Dead of night, feel the power, feel the might and I'm alive!
Will to survive!
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 2 0
Despair - Hatsune Miku
Tears turn meaningless, words into hate.
If we can't make ourselves understood, we might as well disappear.
Open our eyes and we see-
We know that there is no such thing as hope...
I heard for sure the sound of your disappearing.
Memories lost, Consciousness in darkness...
If this feeling cannot be understood, we might as well throw it away!
Open your eyes and you see-
There is not a single thing that is certain...
Everything is wavering right and left, and that's what now is made of...
Fading away or being alive, either way there is no meaning.
Everything is swaying to and forth, and that's what now is made of...
There is not a single thing that is certain...
We know that there is no such thing as hope...
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 6 0
FF13-Sazh by toby4ever FF13-Sazh :icontoby4ever:toby4ever 2 0
Miku Hatsune-Love Is War
This hot, love makes me feel like I have
got no place to go. I'm on my own...
Grey clouds surrounding me, monochrome bustles filling the scene.
Sunlight refusing to shine, the evening has come, yet it seems so bleak and dark now....
Aah~ this world that we are in is blurred.
So could this mean, my love for you wasn't meant to be?
That can't be true... for my heart's still acheing for you, what should I say? How do I react?
I guess I'm just... so foolish.
Now's no time for silly games, this love is now a war!
Oh, I can't stand to see you play with anyone but me!
My heart has chosen you and that is my sin.
I'll promise you that, I will show you how I really feel!
I tried shouting into a MEGAPHONE but it instantly shattered.
I'm just trying way too hard, to be noticed again; placed into your eyesight just one more time.
Aah~ then suddenly a clear, blue sky floats right past us.
But it doesn't suit the mood at all.
I've lost control, over my hearts' true feelings... Oh how can I e
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 5 0
Passion-single version
(wonk uoy naht niotceffa erom deen I)
If I recall, far far away
The future was shining on everywhere
Beneath the beautiful blue sky
We were just a little afraid
The window will be tinted
A nostalgic color
If we advance forth, can we ever meet again?
The future goes on to everywhere
Beneath the large signboard
I want to keep watching the eras changing
Hidden away
My heart's a battleground
(snoitome owt deen I)
(wonk uoy naht niotceffa erom deen I)
(snoitome owt deen I)
I will open a window
To the people and places I can't see again
If I recall, far far away
The future was shining on everywhere
Beneath the beautiful blue sky
We were slumbering forever
(my fears,our lies)
Beneath the blue sky...
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 1 0
FF9-You're Not Alone
Lost in darkest blue
Endless labyrinths weaving though
Will you stagger on,
with no star to light your way?
Share with me your tears
All your troubles and deepest fears
I remember when
you chased all my shadows away
Won't you take my hand?
Come away with me from this land
Let me give to you
all that you have given to me
Fly horizon bound
Find the moon behind darkening clouds
Even far apart,
know our souls together will be
When the storm draws nigh
Dreams will shatter before your eyes
Know that you're not alone
When the battle starts
I will comfort your restless heart
You'll know that you are home
When your stars stop shining
Endless vines around you winding
Know that you're not alone
I will give my all
So your tears will no longer fall
Down, down on sorrow's stone
Look into my eyes
All eternity you will find
In this fragile heart,
know that you will always belong
Shout into the night
Show the darkness that you will fight
Hopeless you may feel,
but inside I know you are strong
Keep me i
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 3 0
Aerith's Theme Lyrics
Far below the city's glow
Lie the flowers blooming in the shadows
They comfort me, saving me
From all I see
Then you came with eyes of pain
Haunting blue and gentle
Like a spring rain
Silently beckoning
For a love to cease your inner tears
I belong here with you
Though the earth cries inside me
I will fly
High into the storm
Far from the light
I will be strong
Because they need you
Because I love you
You close your eyes now
I will be gone
But my love for you will go on
Darkest skies, hollow eyes
But the stars burn brighter
Than you realize
It may be destiny
That sheds our tears
You must leave me behind
Though the night howls inside you
You must fly
High into the storm
Far from the light
You must be strong
Because they need you
Because I love you
You close your eyes now
And I will be gone
But my love for you will go on
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 5 1
Sally's Song - Amy Lee
I sense there's something in the wind.
That feels like tragedy's at hand.
And though I'd like to stand by him,
Can't shake this feeling that I have.
The worst is just around the bend,
And does he notice, my feelings for him?
And will he see, how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be.
What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd,
And their enthusiastic cloud.
Try as I may doesn't last.
And will we ever,
End up together?
And will we ever, end up together?
No I think not.
It's never to become.
For I am not the one.
:icontoby4ever:toby4ever 2 0


Reflections - 8
Shadow tied the final knot on the gauze that was firmly wrapped around Black Doom's shin, exhaling a sigh of relief. "There," he muttered, leaning back. Both hedgehogs, now, for the most part, clean, had applied fresh bandages to their wounds. The entire process had taken them nearly an hour to finish, but in the end, the pair certainly felt better than they had before.
The alien blinked, staring at the white bandage around his bare ebony leg. It was such a disgusting contrast; it almost hurt his eyes. He crossed his arms loosely in his lap, baggy sleeves keeping him warm. Since washing himself with the cold water, he found his shoulders trembling often in intervals. Without proper clothing, Black Doom grumbled, Earth was undesirably cold.
Shadow took note of the shivering hedgehog. "It's almost winter. The curious thing is, the sun isn't farther away from the Earth, it's – "
"I know what it winter means." Black Doom interrupted, shaking a shiver off of his spine. "I've read about
:iconlazlotitan:LazloTitan 15 17
Reflections - 7
Indecency was not to be tolerated in Black Doom's mind; if Shadow were to accept his invitation to the Black Arms, he vowed, he would have something made to cover up that scrawny body of his. Since his own childhood, he was taught to respect one's personal space, including his own, and since a certain mysterious tragedy in his younger years, he had taken that moral to a whole new level. Physical contact was not something to be taken lightly. To him, it showed weakness, compassion – it was a way of downgrading or humbling one's self to the other's level, something he would never do.
Within the two millennia of his life, Black Doom followed this personal oath closely and carefully, promising to never break or stray from it. That entire afternoon, that vow seemed to tumble down with each passing moment.
He was literally dragged to where Shadow had gone before, as his legs were as good as useless; even if he could have walked, he would have had to been dragged. Never could he imagine
:iconlazlotitan:LazloTitan 17 12
Reflections - 3
It seemed as if they had been staring at one another for hours on end.
Shadow's heart began to pound vigorously, hands still latched onto the door and its frame. His crimson eyes never left the opposite hedgehog, scanning him for any sign of proof that he wasn't who he thought he was. Such coloring, such build…it was all so similar to his own, which only further supported his presumption, third eye aside. So many questions swarmed his head, and he wanted to demand answers, but something held him back. This…was like the past week all over again. His stomach dropped.
As for Black Doom, he was appalled, to say the least, that Shadow of all people stood there in the doorway. Indeed, he had sent out an organic transmission asking for assistance, one that was only detectable by the Black Arms, but for Shadow to have responded to it…somehow it astounded him.
"Are you…?" Shadow finally stammered out.
Black Doom's ears fell slightly, ungluing his eyes finally from the hybrid
:iconlazlotitan:LazloTitan 19 9
I T ' S   M E by NEOmi-triX I T ' S M E :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 2,264 433 The End? by NEOmi-triX The End? :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 2,028 203 Burning Retribution by TheNornOnTheGo Burning Retribution :iconthenornonthego:TheNornOnTheGo 1,780 102 Drowning Sorrow by TheNornOnTheGo Drowning Sorrow :iconthenornonthego:TheNornOnTheGo 1,614 86 Eternal Yearning by TheNornOnTheGo Eternal Yearning :iconthenornonthego:TheNornOnTheGo 1,347 50 Enduring Dread by TheNornOnTheGo Enduring Dread :iconthenornonthego:TheNornOnTheGo 1,288 106 Five Nights At Freddy's - Foxy Plush by roobbo Five Nights At Freddy's - Foxy Plush :iconroobbo:roobbo 1,772 187 Five Nights At Freddy's Shadow Freddy by roobbo Five Nights At Freddy's Shadow Freddy :iconroobbo:roobbo 669 37 Five Nights At Freddy - Old Foxy Plush by roobbo Five Nights At Freddy - Old Foxy Plush :iconroobbo:roobbo 359 29 Five Nights At Freddy's  Shadow Bonnie Plush by roobbo Five Nights At Freddy's Shadow Bonnie Plush :iconroobbo:roobbo 598 40
Do you love me?
Jim flopped down onto the bed out of pure exhaustion. Luckily he had changed out of his Captain's uniform before hand. The whole week he had been assigned to a tough mission that left him with minimal hours of sleep, so the first thing he wanted to do… was just rest.
He snuggled his face in the blue pillow that was in his bed. There was a larger gold one behind the blue one, but he didn't care about that one. The blue one smelled just like Spock, the man he loved.
Speaking of Spock, he felt a warm heat pushing at his side before he cracked his eyes open tiredly. The Vulcan was joining him on the bed silently, probably hoping not to wake him up.
"I did not wish to wake you Jim."
"I wasn't asleep."
Jim felt his… boyfriend? Lover? Partner? Cuddle up to his back with a small light purr. It brought a tiny smile to Jim's face, although his mind started processing something he didn't want to process. Spock started nuzzling his nose against Jim's face, purring slightly to show
:iconluigiluva11:Luigiluva11 92 64
As the Moon
As The Moon
He should know. Undeniably, irrefutably, down to his very bones, he should know. After all, he's been in the guy's head, for Christ sakes.
But. He's never said it. Not once. And even though he's Captain Awesomepants, and the whole universe is his playground – those psychologists have something right. Cause after a couple decades of being told that no matter who your daddy is, you aren't going to be anything but a little shit, it kind of wears on your self-esteem.
Read: Jim doesn't have any. Oh, sure, he's great at bluffing it, at presenting a cocky attitude to anyone who cares to look in his direction. But inside? A squishy center of insecurity wrapped in dozens of layers of Awesomeness.
He does have a reputation, after all. He had to earn it someway. So, okay, he's not completely insecure – but when it comes to matters of feelings, and how people feel about him? As in, do they like
:iconbrytewolf:brytewolf 65 53
Such A Tiny Human - 4
Chapter 4: Nightmare
- Several Days Later -
Kirk woke up in a cold sweat, hyperventilating himself awake. He gasped and bolted upright, his hands automatically going to the space next to him. It was empty and he recoiled, his eyes dilating in the pitch black. His breathing calmed marginally as he concentrated on sight. There was a faint glow at the end of the bed and he crawled on top of the cool covers.
It was the line of light coming from under the door; was Spock out there? His heart pounded and he crouched down in indecision. It could be a monster who was holding Spock hostage. But if he made a noise the monster might come in and get him. He didn't want that, but he couldn't let the monster eat Spock. That would be horrible; nobody wanted to be eaten. He had to do something.
Jim inhaled to clear his head and held it in for a moment. He could do it.
His PJs protected him from the cold and he slipped down, his bare feet hitting the carpet loudly. He thought it was lou
:iconmilarca:Milarca 19 9

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Kagome, Kagome, the bird in the cage,

when will you come out?

In the evening of the dawn,

the crane and turtle slipped.

Who stands right behind you now?…

Kagome Kagome is a childrens game where one person , it and sits in the middle eyes covered then the other children circle around them singing the song. The people who worked at the orphanige would play Kagome Kagome with the kids. When they lost they would take the loser to a room with a bunch of the workers. then they would circle the child, the child thinkg its just a harmless game, with knives. And the person behind the child kills them. They would then test on the child

This song reminds me of my childhood, a childhood that's so sad and painful to remember. But still it's a memory that you will never forget so just face it and keep on walking ahead and not backwards and you sadness memory will disappear and fill with happiness. This is what this song want to remind you guys, after sadness comes HAPPINESS……

゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ This is Neko. Copy Neko into your signature to help him on his way to world domination!

The Aokigahara Forest is the most popular site for suicides in Japan. After the novel Kuroi Jukai was published, in which a young lover commits suicide in the forest, people started taking their own lives there at a rate of 50 to 100 deaths a year. The site holds so many bodies that the Yakuza pays homeless people to sneak into the forest and rob the corpses. The authorities sweep for bodies only on an annual basis, as the forest sits at the base of Mt. Fuji and is too dense to patrol more…

its said that the last thing you see before you die lasts an eternity, meaning you continue to see it forever. to be honest, id rather spend eternity staring at that forest than the ceiling of some hospital. plus its a peaceful place. your body would decompose and slip back into mother earth's womb. yeah, i wouldnt mind dying in such a nice forest.


"Truth of the matter is, we still need to see each other's faces, read their expressions, hear their voices, so we can fully understand their emotions."

So Cloud and Squall had a baby. The baby was Lightning. Don't ask how that's possible.

Lightning is physically like Cloud but her personality is more like Squall's

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." -Leonardo da Vinci

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." -Pablo Picasso

zack's death the end is near...every Beginning has an End...of death

♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓ which one are you?

I was born in the day of Xigbar and Zexion
In the month of Vexen
In the year of Xemnas,Demyx,Axel,Lexaeus
And I'm Xigbar and Zexion old
My favourite number is Xion
But my lucky number is still Saix
If you get it, put your own in your signature

~We are never apart....because we always see the same sky.

~If you cried when Axel faded away copy and paste this into your sig~

<3 Ventus <3 Roxas <3 Axel <3 Demyx <3 Zexion <3 Riku <3

Jaejong Kim is <3 so is the rest of DBSK! =D

B.put this
L.on your sig.
A. to prevent
Z. Blaze from being hated shows you care

You know Lelouch, you could have avoided this confrontation by simply not overusing your Geass. Or, in the event of that, even though it would have been painful to your goddamned pride, admitted to Suzaku that your ordering Euphie's order to slaughter hundreds of Japanese was an accident.

Instead, we're at this, and I feel so fucking awful just watching you, and the unintended consequences that came as a result, become the bitter reality

Just like the blue sky hiding behind rainclouds, there is healing to be found beneath the pain.

Eternal Sisters, Eternal Love ☜♡☞

you looked for me
but you couldn't find me
lost for so long
finally I found myself
when you came to me
I extended my arm to you and said
"Hold onto me"

When you walk away
you don't hear me say
"please, oh baby
don't go"

Embrace my dreams? I don't have any left...

Love Is Love No Matter Who It's With
♂ + ♂ =♥
♀ + ♀ =♥
♀ + ♂ =♥
Put this on ur signature if u agree

Nobodies. You come into being, all alone. Maybe you remember your Somebody life, maybe you don't. You're branded evil by the those in the light, and spend your existence trying to find your purpose.

Living on scraps of a life.

A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a "slut", no one knows she was raped at age 14. People call another guy "fat", no one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight. People call an old man "ugly", no one knows he experienced a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war. Re-post this if you are against bullying and stereotyping. I bet 88% of you won't...

Nothing starts unless you take action." ~Sonic the Hedgehog
My stories only end when I stop running.

Every world has its end. I know that's kinda sad, but... that's why we've gotta live life to the fullest in the time we have. At least, that's what I figure.

- Sonic the Hedgehog

If the world chooses to become my enemy. I will fight like I always have.
- Shadow the Hedgehog

Cloud--he is free now, but at what cost? He loses everything eventually. He is free, but he is also stumbling through his life. He is free, but he is insecure in his ability to protect and be useful. "I can't help anyone. Not my family. Not my friends."

my tears, and my struggle. I've always fought alone... I've always struggled alone, and I've never known a life without sorrow. I needed to express for the sake of my heart... this is my cry out to the entire world. I hope you listening... this is the voice of my soul... can you hear it?

Let me fall...into darkness...there will always be a light which shines my truth...

:sing:~"Why do we love faithfully / When love's always the first one to leave?"~:sing:

:heart:---Bentley Jones, Waiting for Clouds, Finally Free---

I like visiting galleries:gallery:
There fun:D

~When you feel lost in life, just stop and enjoy the scenery~

"What will you choose? The road to light, or to darkness?"
"Neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road."
"Do you mean to twilight road to nightfall?"
"No...It's the road to Sora."

live your life with no regrets and fight for your dreams,even if no one support you,there is no evil in your dream,a world that goes on forever? it may be weird,but it was a dream that she fought until the end to achieve,she did all that she could,she might have failed,but we don't know until we try right? we got to fight until the end of our days,just like a knight...

"A little piece of me grows old
I keep on walking down this road
I've seen a million people change
But I will stay the same..."
Formspring ~

Diddy taught me to reach for the stars
Ke$ha taught me to be myself and not care what anyone else thinks
Bruno Mars taught me to do anything for that one person I love
Eminem taught me that life is hard but you can make it through
Travis taught me to be generous
Taylor Swift taught me not every guy is going to treat me right
30 Seconds to Mars taught me to speak whats on my mind
Michael Jackson taught me to always love the people around me
Music taught me to live

1st: party all day
party all night

2nd:we don't remember days,only moments:hug:

3rd:Happy Tree Friends:icondeathhugplz::)

Being Immortal means suffering through the pain of having to lose everything around you including your friends and possessions. Even if you you live forever, nothing else can. You can no longer so the thrill of living on the border of life. Everyone around you perishes. Your attachments still linger. Death is a nice idea once we have fulfilled our wishes or else live an endless tragedy.Death is...death is a gift. Death is what makes us who we are. Can you imagine if you were to be unable to die? To quote Mokou, "If you cannot die, then you are not truly alive." If we each and everyone of us lived forever, we'd never create...we'd never progress....and worst of all, we'd never be able to leave our most precious gift. Memories

They tell you once, they tell you twice, you failed to listen and now you pay the price. I've seen so much, but I'll never tell, you'll never know all the lives that fell. But it doesn't matter, this is all not as it will seem, but continue as you are and I will make... you... scream!

~The Man by the Road/Pokemon Horror Fanfic

If you're trying to make it worse, you're making it better...(>_>)
Oranges=Kissing, low level stuff
Kumquats=Hints at sexual themes
Grapefruits= Actual making out
Limes= Less details of lemons
Lemons= Sex

Random Japanese :iconfliptableplz:

boku mo kurasu o shteimase. gakkoo ni nihongo wa benkyoo suru desu ka. boku wa nihongo san desu. gomen pasokon ga Mac desu. hirigana to kanji to katakana o tai desu. anatawa nihongo wa joozu, demo sukunai kanji, kanji wa suki janai desu ka. oshieru - to teach ne?

そうですか。 いいですね、私も 日本人 じゃありません。 ちょっと、 まくは なんですか。日本語の クラスを しています。 だから、私は 話すと 読むと 書く が へたです。 日本語を 書くが おしえませんか。

gomen boku wa nihonjin janai, boku no nihongo wa sukoshi waruii desu. boku no pasokon wa maku desu. dakara hiragana to kanji o arimasen.

キンドム ハツ が だいすき です。

神様 ありがとう |Dear God, thank you
運命のいたずらでも |Even if it's just destiny pulling a prank on me
めぐり逢えたことが |I'm so glad of the fact that
しあわせなの |We both had met


Deep Blue by NaismithArt Deep Blue :iconnaismithart:NaismithArt 258 9 Dragon Dance by jocarra Dragon Dance :iconjocarra:jocarra 11,276 2,924



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